Max Joseph

Max Joseph has contributed to the materials listed below. Max is a data scientist with the Analytics Hub at Earth Lab and maintains this website.

Course modules

Course material modules are sets of materials developed to teach specific learning objectives in a course setting.

Introduction to programmatic data access in R

In this module, we introduce various ways to access, download and work with data programmatically. These methods include downloading text files directly from a website onto your computer and into R, reading in data stored in text format from a website, into a data.frame in R and finally, accessing subsets of particular data using REST API calls in R.

collaborators: Leah Wasser, Carson Farmer, Max Joseph

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Max Joseph hasn't contributed to any course modules... yet.
Max Joseph hasn't contributed to any course modules... yet.

Data tutorials

Getting started with the PetaLibrary

This tutorial explains how members of Earth Lab can gain access to the PetaLibrary at the University of Colorado Boulder. It also outlines the process for setting up Globus to transfer files between endpoints (e.g., your local machine and the PetaLibrary).