Earth Data Science Courses & Workshops

Learn how you can integrate earth science understanding and data science skills to better understand Earth by working through free, self-paced courses online. In the Earth Analytics course, explore how the R programming language and R Markdown is used to work with time series, GIS, remote sensing and social media data. No previous programming experience is required! Stay tuned for a second course build in Python using all open source tools!

All Earth Data Science courses, are developed and taught as a part of the professional Certificate and Masters program in Earth Data Analytics offered by Earth Lab at the University of Colorado - Boulder.

Current Courses

Earth Data Science Workshops

Want to improve your earth data science skills? Complete a set of short, self-paced technical lessons. Following the materials available online for each workshop, you will learn how to perform a specific workflow using a specific tool that is commonly used in the earth data science field.

Online workshops are developed for workshops held by Earth Lab at the University of Colorado - Boulder.