Earth Lab Data Meetup

Are you involved or interested in statistics, machine learning, programming, geo-hacking, computer science, and data collection/curation/wrangling? If so, consider joining the Earth Lab data meetup group. We meet weekly and discuss and work on contemporary problems in the Earth data science.

  • Who: Interdisciplinary Scientists & Researchers
  • When? Every Friday: 1-2 PM
  • Where: CU Boulder East Campus - Room S372 in the MacAllister Building (SEEC) in the Research Park on East Campus to

Example Topics

  • Explore data or analysis problems: The group harnesses shared energy and experience to tackle and solve common or unique issues.
  • Special topics and methodology: we often have local or external speakers that cover science topics ranging from extreme value theory, parallel computing to bayesian statistics.
  • Paper discussions revolving around quantitative/data issues in the natural sciences

No expertise is necessary to join. Go to the Earth Lab data meetup GitHub repository to see our upcoming topics and to get involved!