Time Series

Plot Stream Discharge Data in R

This lesson is a challenge exercise that asks you to use all of the skills used during the week 2 set of lessons in the earth analytics course. Here you will import data and subset it to create a final plot of stream discharge over time.

last updated: 15 Jun 2017

Work With Date - Time formats in R - Time Series Data

This lesson covers how to deal with dates in R. It reviews how to apply the as.Date() function to a column containing date or data-time data. This function converts a field containing dates in a standard format, to a date class that R can understand and plot efficiently.

last updated: 10 Jul 2017

Explore time series data using interactive plots - The 2013 Colorado Floods

In this lesson, we will explore 2 different types of time series data that can be used to better understand a flood event: precipitation data and stream discharge data which quantifies the volume and velocity of water moving through a stream channel. Students will explore these data using interactive plot.ly plots. No programming experience is required to complete this lesson.

last updated: 18 Jul 2017