Data Exploration and Analysis

Introduction to working with social media data in R - Twitter

This lesson will discuss some of the challenges associated with working with social media data in science. These challenges include working with non standard text, large volumes of data, API limitations, and geolocation issues.

last updated: 09 Aug 2017

Adjust plot extent in R.

In this lesson we will review how to adjust the extent of a spatial plot in R using the ext() or extent argument and the extent of another layer.

last updated: 15 Jun 2017

Plot grid of spatial plots in R.

In this lesson we cover using par() or parameter settings in R to plot several raster RGB plots in R in a grid.

last updated: 15 Jun 2017

Plot Stream Discharge Data in R

This lesson is a challenge exercise that asks you to use all of the skills used during the week 2 set of lessons in the earth analytics course. Here you will import data and subset it to create a final plot of stream discharge over time.

last updated: 15 Jun 2017

Work With Date - Time formats in R - Time Series Data

This lesson covers how to deal with dates in R. It reviews how to apply the as.Date() function to a column containing date or data-time data. This function converts a field containing dates in a standard format, to a date class that R can understand and plot efficiently.

last updated: 10 Jul 2017